CCTV maintenance, so your security is always working to keep you safe.

Simply no CCTV security systems is worth the upfront costs if it’s not well maintained. All it takes is an alarm to malfunction or a camera lens to become dirty and your whole security system is rendered completely useless. Unfortunately, because many Australian security installers are unlicensed and untrained they’re not aware or capable to run routine maintenance in order to protect your investment. Calamity runs routine testing of your home security system to ensure your home and family are always protected. Because regular testing is a part of the Calamity service you can be confident your investment is safeguarded from obsolescence.

Security that works for you, not against you.Security that works for you, not against you.

National statistic show an annual 220,000 victims of break and enters or burglaries across the country. Because some criminals make a living out of pinpointing a weak target, they make sure to familiarise themselves with the quality of home and business security systems. They’re also not completely in the dark when it comes to the reputation of a security monitoring group. That’s why a CCTV security system installed, maintained and monitored by Calamity will dissuade break-ins and robberies, keeping your property, and the people in it, family safe.

24/7 CCTV security monitoring, because an emergency happens when you least expect it.

A Calamity home security maintenance check includes:

Our fully trained and licensed professionals will assess access controls, alarms, CCTV and more. Because your home security system is regularly assessed and tested, both from within your property and from our monitoring location, you can be confident in the efficiency of your investment for the long term.

CCTV monitoring trusted by embassies and major retailers now available for your home or business.

Australian home and business owners have been doing tough. An industry inundated with poor regulations and dodgy installers has left many paying to remain vulnerable. Calamity has worked diligently to deliver world-class security to both homes and businesses alike. Because we believe monitoring is the most important part of any purposeful security system, we’ve built Australia’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility, the award-winning Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence – aka The CASTLE.

From within the ultra-secure CASTLE our Five-Diamond certified, Grade A monitoring centre provides the monitoring of alarms and CCTV cameras.

Our monitors are under the supervision of Calamity trained professionals 24/7. So choosing to go with Calamity’s monitoring and maintenance services means you’re guaranteeing your security is in the hands of professionals 100% available to assess your footage and alarm signals and then take appropriate action; not being outsourced elsewhere.

Thanks to the CASTLE we’re able to provide an unparalleled security service to our Australian customers. Finally you can get the security system you deserve. And if you enable monitoring and maintenance, you’ll be happy knowing your home and loved ones are safe as houses whether you’re at home or away.

Want to improve your security and save money on your investment?