Law firm security that keeps people safe and information protected

In the eyes of criminals, law firms are viewed as a treasure trove of valuable data and information which can be exploited to their advantage.

Without the right measures in place to protect the people who frequent the premises and the information left in your care, your law firm is a sitting duck that’s simply waiting to be taken advantage of.

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Data security built specifically for law firms

In our connected world, cyber-attacks and cyber-intrusions represent a major threat to every type of business—but even more so for legal practices.

Law firm data security needs to be top of mind. An increasingly attractive target because of the wealth of sensitive and valuable data, information and documentation stored digitally, law firms need to have adequate measures in place to meet their ethical and commercial data protection obligations.

Whether you’re a solicitor facilitating the electronic movement of client funds, a boutique family law firm handling private client information, or part of a global commercial law firm that’s privy to critical strategic business information about corporate deals, mergers or acquisitions, our customised security solutions are designed to meet the exacting requirements of your law firm.

Video surveillance monitoring that captures every detail

Cyber-attacks aren’t the only threat to law firm security—incidents can also occur on-premises which pose an immediate threat to staff and clientele.

Our office security video surveillance monitoring ensures you’ll be quickly notified of any potential security threats that occur on-site. If required, our meticulously trained security personnel will initiate immediate action to remedy the situation before it’s given the opportunity to develop into something more detrimental.

One thing every legal professional also understands is the importance of reliable evidence in driving a conviction. If a criminal act was ever to take place within your offices, you’ll be able to rely on our high-definition commercial video surveillance systems to capture detailed visual records without leaving any room for error.

Combining the best of physical and cyber law firm security

As the first company to successfully combine physical and cyber security, Calamity operates Australia’s most advanced monitoring and control facility and can provide the most comprehensive level of protection for your law firm.

Depending on your individual requirements, some of the other capabilities we can offer include:

  • entry alarms and movement detection systems
  • entry and internal access systems to prevent unauthorised access (including RFID, fingerprint, or pin-coded entry systems)
  • car park entry systems and vehicle monitoring
  • staff duress alarms
  • fire and smoke detection systems
  • security procedure checklists and record-keeping
  • and much more…

Our highly customised approach enables us to develop ironclad security solutions for firms of every scale that will ensure people are always safe and sensitive information is always secure.

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