Driver Safety Mobile App Technology

Workers within the transport industry have been flagged by Safe Work Australia to be at High Risk of injury and violence as they carry out their day to day activity.

Fearless™ by Calamity Monitoring is a mobile app which provides a practical and inexpensive safety solution to Australia’s transport industry and professional drivers. The Fearless app and associated 24/7 monitoring service has been carefully designed for the exact type of risks faced by drivers within the Transport Industry as well as as helping both employers and self employed truck drivers comply with Work Health and Safety requirements.

Australian truck drivers spend the majority of their work day alone, travelling long distances, dealing with time pressure, risks around freight loading as well as constant traffic. All these types of situations leave to vulnerabilities that can include abuse, road rage violence, robbery, road accidents, falling asleep, vehicle breakdowns in isolated areas all of which can potentially lead to costly if not tragic results.

Fearless has been built by Calamity to keep watch over lone workers and drivers, in order to assist in emergency situations and see help dispatched as quickly and efficiently as possible when needed. Fearless goes beyond standard vehicle and freight tracking and provides specific features specifically aimed at lone worker safety.

Features such as Journey mode can be activated on the app. This provides live updates to emergency contacts or employers if necessary and will activate an alarm if there is a delay in arriving at your destination.

courier driver looking at Calamity Fearless app

Meeting mode can be set for a potentially risky situation such as resting at a truck stop or carrying out roadside repairs. Activating the man-down function means you will have added protection by automatic activation of an alarm if there is any sudden deceleration, non-movement or impact.

Fearless offers Cloud-based failsafe alerts and when triggered automatically sends the user’s location as well as audio and video evidence using the phone’s camera to Calamity’s 24/7 monitoring and response centre. Even if the phone has been destroyed. Calamity’s fully trained operators can respond in real-time to your situation.

a hand holding a smartphone with the Calamity Fearless app