How Jobsite Security Systems Deliver Maximum Protection

With construction profit tanking and costs rising, jobsite security is more essential now than ever before to protect construction businesses from theft and vandalism.

How jobsite security systems protect you

Heavy equipment theft and vandalism are rampant in unmonitored and unsecured construction jobsites. And if you think installing lighting and warning signs is enough to deter intruders and thieves, you’re underestimating the situation. But with proper jobsite security systems, you can protect your equipment, site, and workers from risk.

Scare off intruders with alarms

It seems natural that audible sirens and flashing lights can deter thieves and intruders, although depending on your site, a silent one may be better. Regardless of the type of alarm you have, it’s essential to have a security system that can alert and dispatch authorities as soon as the alarm is triggered.


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Watch over your site with monitored video surveillance

Jobsite security cameras help immensely. What helps more is if they come with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, where surveillance experts can see what is happening at your location and respond accordingly. At Calamity, we have the VDO® platform that provides features such as remote video incident verification, CCTV health checking and CCTV uptime alerts, virtual guard patrols and tailored surveillance services.

Restrict or grant access to people

Access control systems can help you grant or restrict access to your construction site. And with that, you can essentially monitor employee and visitor movement and keep materials, logistical assets and designated spaces secure. Swipe cards, fingerprint scans, pin codes — there are many forms of access control you can choose to include in your security system.

Keep workers safe

For employees working in construction, it’s important to equip them with extra protection. For example, a personal emergency alarm can help detect possible immobilisation, provide real-time monitoring and send updates to your emergency contacts. If an employee gets in a dangerous situation, the personal alarm can automatically send their location and audio/video evidence to our monitoring centre.

Flexible security solutions for your jobsite in Australia

If you’re interested in securing your construction jobsite today, you’ve come to the right place.

Calamity services and offers its flexible commercial security systems to many of the major cities in Australia — Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Wherever your construction project may be located, our security professionals are ready to help deliver maximum protection. Contact us to get started.