Deter trespassers and thieves with first-rate construction site security systems

At a time when construction profits are hitting all-time lows and project expenses are reaching new highs, quality construction site security systems should be installed to protect your site from theft, trespassing, vandalism and liabilities.

Even with fences, warning signage and lighting, without advanced construction site surveillance, you won’t be able to provide genuine protection for your premises and equipment.

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Unsecured jobsites are a treasure trove for thieves

Due to their working environment, construction sites pose many security risks and challenges, from equipment theft and vandalism to liability issues.

Construction project sites are an attractive target for thieving intruders and employees due to the expensive nature of the heavy equipment and building materials.

Replacing stolen equipment and materials isn’t the only factor. It’s also loss of productivity and time and mitigating the losses of project delays. There’s so much at stake from a single theft incident, yet many still opt for sub-standard construction site CCTV security systems that can be easily compromised.


Don’t risk discovering too late that you have been the victim of theft or vandalism. Secure and protect your construction investments with Calamity’s robust security solutions, which include 24/7 video monitoring, virtual patrols and access control.

Secure and monitor your site, even when you aren't around

Theft, trespass and vandalism occur after-hours, so the need for thorough surveillance after dark is high. Security guards are expensive to hire and have limited ability to watch the entire project site.

As part of our FREE Security Review at Calamity, we can provide you with recommendations that can keep your site protected from unwanted access and risk, including:

  • Perimeter protection
  • 24/7 monitored camera recording
  • Virtual patrols and site inspections
  • Staff monitoring for internal pilfering
  • Work health and safety management for employee welfare
  • Access control to site premises, such as biometrics, fingerprint scanners, RFID access and pin-coded locks
  • Security procedures, checklists and record-keeping
  • And much more

For thorough construction site security monitoring, Calamity provides the VDO® platform, which offers remote CCTV monitoring and guarding services, including remote video incident verification, CCTV health checking and uptime alerts and virtual guard tours and patrols.

Compared to traditional mobile patrol or night guards, our after-hours video patrols are much more cost-effective and a strong visual deterrent that can check and monitor even large project sites. With our 24/7 active monitoring, you can expect swift responses should our team find any suspicious activity.

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Protect with confidence with our construction site security systems

When you decide to invest in a quality commercial security system for your construction site, go for the security provider recognised as one of the best in the world. Calamity:

  • Carries an ASIAL A-Grade Certification (AS2201.2) — one of the highest ratings for construction, access, capability and redundancy in Australia
  • Owns and operates a custom-built, multi-million dollar monitoring facility, allowing us to provide you robust, 24/7 protection
  • Has the police-certified ability to monitor government offices, financial institutions and other critical infrastructure (so we’re more than qualified to protect your project site)


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Superior Protection With 24/7 Active Monitoring

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Nothing can provide the same level of protection as 24/7 active monitoring from a team of highly trained security professionals.

When you choose Calamity, your car park cctv cameras and security system will be backed by round-the-clock monitoring from our ASIAL-certified purpose-built security facility located right here in Australia.

Instead of merely recording the movement of people and vehicles, active monitoring provides an additional layer of protection. If an incident was ever to occur on-premises, you can rest assured that our trained operators will be taking immediate action in line with your designated instructions.

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