Hotel Security Systems Built to Prevent Crime and Theft

Whether you operate a hotel, motel, B&B, inn or hostel, your security system plays a crucial role keeping staff safe and protecting guests and their belongings.

Don’t risk it with a substandard security system that might not provide adequate protection for your business—choose Calamity for the gold standard in hotel security systems that won’t fail when you most need it.

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Protect Guests and Their Belongings

Hotels need to provide a warm and welcoming environment for guests, and a big part of that is ensuring the premises are always safe and secure.

In fact, as a hotel operator, you have a duty of care to your guests to exercise reasonable care operating the business and protecting guests from injury or harm—however, with so many different individuals coming and going every day, it’s impossible to stay across everything that’s happening all the time.

Our hotel CCTV and security systems help you meet your obligations, ensuring you’ll always have full visibility of the entire establishment.

Capturing live and recorded footage of all hallways, lifts, stairwells and common areas including the lobby or reception desk, lounges, bars, dining facilities, pools, gyms, and parking zones, a hotel monitoring system will help to:

Provide a Safe Environment for Your Staff

Hotels are a 24/7 operation, and in many cases, staff are required to work late into the evening or even round-the-clock. This exposes them to a range of risks workers in other industries aren’t subjected to.

As an employer, it’s important to take active measures to not only provide a safe environment for your staff, but to ensure they can easily seek immediate assistance if ever needed.

Our hotel surveillance systems ensure your staff are never left to manage a potentially dangerous situation on their own, with a team of highly trained security operators ready and able to take immediate action in an emergency. Our hotel surveillance systems also make it easy to substantiate exactly what happened during an incident, or even resolve any vexatious claims made against your staff or other guests.

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Custom-Built Security Systems for Hotels

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The security requirements of every hotel are different. That’s why we custom-design your commercial-grade security system around your business.

Some of the features we can incorporate into our hotel security systems include:

Enjoy Superior Protection with Calamity

Following a personalised security assessment of your hotel, our highly-experienced security experts can design, install and test a fit-for-purpose security solution, and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure it’s always functioning optimally.

Contact our team to find out more about the superior level of protection you can only get with Calamity.

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