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A home security system is one reliable way to keep you and your family safe. That is if your alarm system actually works as intended.

Despite modern advancements in security technology, there are still thousands of families across Brisbane putting themselves at risk by running out-of-date security systems.

By running out-of-date security systems, you are not only putting your home at risk, but you could be making your home a target for organised crime. At Calamity, we work to create customised solutions for Brisbane homeowners meaning we’ll work directly with your existing system to identify gaps in your security, and then develop a comprehensive plan to leave you fully protected.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize your security system is faulty and ineffective. Invest in cost-effective, A-Grade home security systems that can fully protect your family and property.

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What Does Calamity Do Differently?

Calamity is A-Graded by the ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) and Five Diamond Certified by the CSAA.

Not only do these certifications show that we are one of Australia’s top security providers, but they are also proof that our staff members are trained and licensed. We also have a monitoring centre that is routinely assessed and graded, ensuring top-tier, vigilant security.

Calamity also uses the latest IP, mobile and wireless technology to integrate its three core services —installation, monitoring and maintenance— to give you long-term security and peace of mind.

Whether you’re in need of a simple home security camera system in Brisbane or are looking for a complex overhaul of your home alarm systems in Brisbane, Calamity can help.

What Do Reliable Home Security Systems in Brisbane Look Like?

Our home security systems are divided into three core services: installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Combining them provides you with exceptional protection in your home in Brisbane.

Home Security System Brisbane Installation: You must contact licensed professionals when it comes to security system installation. Otherwise, it may cost your insurance claim. Our expert technicians are independently assessed and reviewed, providing you with a camera and alarm system tailored to your home– which means fewer false alarms and better security.

Home Security System Maintenance: To safeguard your home security and security investment, Calamity conducts routine testing and regular on-site maintenance of all systems and home security cameras in Brisbane. Your security is only as strong as its weakest link, no matter how insignificant this link may seem, whether it be a camera with a dirty lens or a damaged cable.

Home Security Alarm Monitoring: Our alarm monitoring centre is described as “a vision of monitoring” by experts from the Security Electronics and Networks magazine, proving that we only have the best to offer you. Our monitoring operators are professionally trained to assess all security signals and respond appropriately, guaranteeing fewer false alarms and quick emergency action.

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Upgraded Technology, Upgraded Security for Brisbane Homes

Despite more advanced technology being on the market, many security operators still connect alarm systems using traditional PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) lines to facilitate communication with monitoring centres.

Using telephone lines can be problematic, from them being easily severed by a pair of scissors to paying for phone calls triggered by every arm and disarming alarm signal. You’d be cashing out for as much as 40 cents per call, and these calls typically happen ten to twenty times a day.

A vulnerable alarm system like this not only forces you to pay more than what you deserve but also compromises your safety.

There are several cost-effective and modern security solutions available, like Calamity’s home alarm systems. With our IP Monitoring, you don’t have to worry about call charges, data log charges, line rental, or phone lines anymore. What we do is connect your security system to our A Graded monitoring centre via your internet connection and mobile networks. Data is logged for free as well.

For the best security available today, trust the professionals at Calamity. For more information on any of our services, including our 24/7 Monitoring Services, contact us today.

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