Commercial Real Estate Security That Delivers Superior Protection

Your tenants have a lot they need to focus on each day— relieve some of the pressure by providing them with a first-rate security solution that’s tailored to their business.

Calamity acts as your security partner to ensure every aspect of your commercial property, from the physical premises to the people frequenting the building, are always safe and secure.

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Give tenants the reassurance they need

Attracting the best commercial tenants is only half the battle—retaining them long-term is where you generate real value.

As a commercial property landlord, the facilities and infrastructure you provide for tenants play a big role helping to attract, and keep, high quality tenants. Many commercial tenants, and especially those operating under a shared tenancy arrangement, have limited control over their security arrangements.

Providing your tenants with a first-rate, tailored commercial real estate security system can be a major drawcard, providing peace of mind that their people and everything they’ve worked so hard for are protected.

Commercial real estate security that’s built to specification

A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work in the strata and commercial real estate industry. At Calamity, our customised security solutions are designed and built to the exact specifications prescribed by you or your owners’ corporation (or body corporate), and can be easily adapted to suit the requirements of new tenants.

Some of the features we can incorporate into our commercial building security systems include:

  • high quality CCTV video surveillance, providing coverage of the entire premises
  • adaptive access control and keyless access building entry systems, including streamlined visitor access protocols
  • building intercom and door station systems
  • building and area intrusion alarms and personal safety duress alarms
  • lift access control and lift emergency phones
  • motion and glass-break detection
  • car park security systems
  • risk management, security procedure and compliance checklists

Many commercial property landlords and owners’ corporations are also required to meet certain essential building safety measures relating to fire safety, detection and early warning systems. We can develop a compliant and integrated fire and smoke detection system that will help you meet your obligations and provide a safe environment for tenants and visitors.

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Round-the-clock monitored protection

Our commercial security solutions deliver round-the-clock monitored protection for your commercial property.

The premises will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, from our state of the art, multi-million-dollar monitoring facility located right here in Australia. Staffed by a large team of expertly trained security professionals, we can provide immediate emergency response support to manage any situation promptly and with the utmost precision.

Providing everything from plantroom monitoring to common area monitoring, we can also conduct regular virtual patrols of the property to ensure everything is as it should be, while helping you minimise the cost of paying for manned security.

VDO monitoring and incident verification can also provide reassurance that you’ll always know if there are any issues with your CCTV system—rather than waiting until after an incident occurs to find out your CCTV recorder broke down 6 months prior, you’ll be immediately alerted to any system malfunctions.

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