What is the Best CCTV Camera for Petrol Pumps?

Service stations are frequent targets for robberies, and not just armed hold-ups and petty theft. Drive-aways, where individuals fill their tank and leave without paying, are all too common, and without clear security footage, successfully identifying and prosecuting the culprit is seldom possible.

The solution: high-quality, correctly positioned CCTV cameras above each row of petrol pumps. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your service station, employees, and bottom line against criminal activity.

Selecting the right equipment

A petrol pump CCTV camera is tasked with monitoring two primary subjects:

  • Vehicles, including the make, model, colour, and registration number
  • People, including the appearance, clothing, and distinctive features

To capture the above with clarity, you need cameras with the following features:

  • Colour-sensitive lenses that capture colour footage, even in the dark
  • High-resolution imagery to capture important finer details
  • Auto-iris lenses that maintain good visibility during low-light conditions
  • Built in microphone features that allow audio recording


Closed Circuit Television camera monitoring gas station

Positioning your CCTV cameras above your petrol pumps

Selecting the best CCTV camera for petrol pumps is just the beginning. Establishing the camera’s observation area is critical, too.

In most cases, the camera’s view should be confined to the vehicle stationed at the pump. This will ensure it captures essential details, particularly the registration number.

If your petrol station has multiple pumps per row, install two cameras – one at the front and one at the back. This will prevent one vehicle from obstructing the view of another.

Finally, consider the height of your CCTV cameras. Cameras must be low enough to produce clear footage – cameras installed too high and at an angle can reduce readability. However, they must be high enough to be out-of-reach – cameras mounted too low are often targets of vandalism.


Protect your service station with the best CCTV camera for petrol pumps

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