What is a Fall Detector Alarm?

Tripping over furniture, slipping in the bathroom, stumbling down the stairs— accidents that may seem relatively harmless, but can be a very serious incident for the elderly and those who are physically frail and unwell. Statistics reveal that falls were the leading cause of hospitalised injuries and injury deaths in Australia. 


It’s not always possible to dial the emergency number or ask your neighbours for help during an accident. To keep your loved ones safe, it’s best to have them set up with something automatic and reliable, like a fall detector alarm. 


What is a Fall Detector Alarm?

Fall detectors are personal alarm systems that automatically signal for help during fall-related emergencies and accidents. This signal will then alert designated contacts or an emergency response centre, if the device is equipped with a monitoring service.


Typically, the wearer can press the button to trigger an emergency signal. However, fall accidents can sometimes knock the victim unconscious, which is when the automatic fall detection does its job. Fall alarms and detectors can sense what the wearer’s position is and if they are moving unusually, erratically or too fast. Once the device detects unusual accelerated movement or impact, it sends the alert.


Who Needs Fall Detectors?

You might need a fall detector if you:

  • Are a senior citizen
  • Have disabilities, limited mobility or balance issues
  • Have certain medical conditions like epilepsy, diabetes, or dementia
  • Have been discharged from the hospital and are in need of additional support
  • Are working or living alone
  • Are working in high-risk industries, prone to slips, trips, and fall hazards


What to Look for in Fall Alarms

It’s critical to choose the most reliable fall detector alarm on the market, equipped with practical features.

  • Automatic fall detection is a must, as victims cannot always press the device’s button in the event of an accident.
  • A 24/7 monitoring centre service, with professional operators who can assess the situation and dispatch a response accordingly, is critical. A lot of detectors rely on recorded messages to alert nominated responders or ambulance service, which can cause a delay in providing the help the victim needs. 
  • The alarm should be lightweight and comfortable to wear to avoid getting in the way of day-to-day activities. 
  • A waterproof unit is vital in case the emergency happens while in the bath or outdoors in the rain.
  • The device should be accessible and easy to use. The simplicity of the unit allows the wearer to call for help right away without any hassle to trigger the distress call.


For recommendations on fall detectors equipped with these features, check out Calamity’s Silent Sentinel alarm, designed with an advanced digital monitoring system to keep its wearer protected all day, every day.


Emergency signals from this device are sent to Calamity’s 24/7 monitoring centre, the award-winning Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence (CASTLE), the country’s highest-rated security monitoring provider comprised of licensed and trained operators. 


We guarantee security and quality in all our products and services. As Australia’s most modern security company, our fall detectors and other alarm systems will give you and your loved ones complete peace of mind.