What are the Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly?

When an elderly family member lives alone, it’s scary to think of all the emergencies and accidents that can happen, especially if they live with a condition or have problems with mobility. Fall-related injuries are also something to be concerned about, as the elderly are more prone to falling as they age.


When such an emergency occurs, how long until help arrives? Sometimes access to a telephone isn’t possible. Sometimes the victim won’t be capable of reaching out due to injury or loss of consciousness. Sometimes leaving it to a just-dial-triple-zero mindset may be leaving things too late.


The most reliable help you can get during an emergency is a personal safety system, like an alarm. Personal alarms can look after seniors and other vulnerable folks in their homes, giving them and their families complete peace of mind with just a press of a button.


How Personal Alarms Work

Personal alarms send an emergency signal to a 24/7 monitoring team, either from the press of a button or from automatically detecting a fall. Depending on the type of alarm system, the trained operators then communicate with the wearer using the unit’s speakerphone, designated emergency contacts, or ambulance service.


Personal Alarms for the Elderly: Features to Consider

There are several types of alarm systems with different features to suit specific needs and demographics. For the elderly, find a personal alarm that:

  • Has fall detection, which is useful for those who are frail and have limited mobility;
  • Is waterproof, because bathing is a common time when they can slip and fall;
  • Has automatic tracking, vital for people with dementia or Alzheimers; and
  • Has a monitoring service, ideal for seniors who have cognitive and physical issues and may not be able to activate the alarm during emergencies. Units with this feature are typically two-way speaker devices for the help team to communicate with the wearer.


Best Personal Alarms for Seniors and Elders

You will want a 24/7 protector and lifesaver for your grandparents and elderly loved ones when you’re not living close to them, so it’s crucial to pick the right kind of personal alarm for them.


Modern personal alarms for the elderly come with several features, but the one you should get for them should have at least a fall detector and monitoring service. The unit should also be quick and simple to activate.


We recommend Calamity’s very own Silent Sentinel service to ensure that your elderly and vulnerable loved ones will be looked after and stay safe. Our Silent Sentinel alarm is equipped with the latest cutting edge fall detection and monitoring technology to monitor our clients’ wellbeing, with a team of licensed and trained operators to handle emergency communication.


Unlike other personal alarms, we don’t rely on recorded messages to alert responders and contacts. In the event of an emergency, you will want a safety system that will reach actual professionals who can respond correctly and accordingly to the situation.


If you want to find out more about Calamity’s personal alarm systems for your loved ones, feel free to contact us and get a free security quote today.