Today Show: Triple-0 Supports What3Words locations

Calamity CEO Daniel Lewkovitz was interviewed on the Today Show. 

What3Words addresses are now being supported by Australian Emergency Services.

What3Words divides the entire globe into three square meter blocks, which can each be described using three words.

What3Words address on Bondi Beach

For example, Calamity’s office is located at ///dared.swim.spark. The Eiffel Tower is located at ///investor.savings.lance. Stonehenge is located at ///awaited.passively.landings. A location is available at sea as well (the Titanic sank at ///shortcomings.buttonholes.highchair)

This system can be used to help people find each other where it is dificult to specify an accurate location, for example in the middle of a parkland, the bush or a beach. If you’ve ever been trying to find your group at a picnic or music festival this can help.

More importantly, in an emergency it can also help first responders locate you. Australian emergency services have started supporting What3Words addresses. While they prefer a street address and cross-street, for people that are lost, or not near any visible landmark, What3Words could help get them assistance sooner.

Australians and visitors to Australia can download the free Emergency+ app here. As well as helping you call for help the app contains useful emergency information and is highly recommended by Calamity