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Improve the safety and security of your residents and building premises with a customised body corporate CCTV system you know you can rely on.

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Enhance security with
Body Corporate CCTV Systems

When the safety and security of residents, property and visitors are in your hands, you need a comprehensive security system that’s customised to the unique needs of your building.

Whether you’re looking to monitor suspicious behaviour and take action before the worst occurs, or if you need accurate records of premises activity at all hours of the day, Calamity can help. We specialise in offering customised solutions, so every part of your building is protected.

Corporate CCTV systems can provide valuable first-hand accounts of any activity that takes place on your premises. In the event your insurance company requires it, or should anyone ever take legal action against your property, CCTV can provide high-quality evidence to protect you and your residents or visitors.

High Resolution CCTV with 24/7 Monitoring

You can also rest easy knowing that important details will never be missed. With most modern CCTV systems now featuring high-resolution cameras, night and low-light vision and motion detection capabilities, the right CCTV system will provide valuable peace of mind for body corporate members and residents.

For added security, our CCTV systems can also be combined with our VDO® service which provides enhanced round-the-clock protection including remote monitoring and virtual guard patrols.

Complete, Integrated Security Solutions

Beyond CCTV surveillance alone, as an end-to-end security service provider, we can also design a fully integrated complete security system to provide a greater level of protection.

Some of the additional features we can incorporate into your security system include:

Expert Advice from Licensed Professionals

Whether you only need a few body corporate security cameras or you’re in need of something more comprehensive, our team of licensed and trained security experts can design a security solution to suit your individual requirements.

Our video monitoring platform is designed to be seamlessly integrated with existing CCTV cameras, saving you the time and investment of a completely new system. There’s no better time to invest in the safety and security of your buildings, residents and visitors. Trust the experts in comprehensive security solutions at Calamity.

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