Securing Your Daycare with Video Monitoring

As a daycare centre manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure you provide a safe and secure environment where little ones can play, learn and thrive without the threat of harm or danger, while also providing adequate protection for staff, the physical premises and centre assets.

If you need to sure-up security in your child care centre, equipping your daycare with video monitoring is a great place to start.

Here we answer some important questions about how video monitoring can improve security in your daycare centre to ensure it remains safe and secure.

Equipping your daycare with video monitoring

Where should cameras be installed?

As a minimum, you should try to install CCTV surveillance cameras at all entry points, contact or drop-off areas, common areas and around the exterior of the building to provide good visibility of the entire premises.

This will ensure you always have access to a reliable record of all activity on the premises which can be used as evidence if an incident or break in was to occur. It can also be helpful in resolving any disputes or settling unfair accusations about the standard of care provided in your centre.


How many cameras do you need?

This will largely depend on the size of the centre.

The good news is that most modern video surveillance systems are IP-based and can be easily scaled and adjusted as needed. This is great from a budget perspective as you can start off with a couple of cameras, then add more cameras as needed as the centre grows.


Do you need live monitoring?

Depending on the security provider, you may have the option to combine your camera system with live monitoring. While it’s generally an additional cost, it does offer some impressive benefits.

Live monitoring ensures that immediate action will be taken if an incident was to occur on the premises. This could include requesting assistance from police, private security or another emergency service provider.

Depending on the security provider, you may also be able to request virtual patrols of the premises after hours for round-the-clock protection.

What else can you do to improve security?

While video monitoring is an excellent place to start, there are plenty of other measures you can also take to enhance security in your daycare centre, such as:

  • Improving physical security on the premises with heavy duty locks and tall, sturdy fences that keep children in and unauthorised persons out.
  • Adding pin code door locks or fingerprint scanners at all entry points to prevent unwelcome visitors from gaining access to the premises.
  • Installing a monitored alarm system to ensure you’re immediately alerted to any unauthorised entries.
  • Implementing rigorous internal security procedures, such as completing daily checklists and maintaining adequate records.

At Calamity, we can help you design a comprehensive security solution that will ensure your most valuable assets are always protected.

Find out more about our child care centre security systems or contact us to request a no obligation security consultation for your daycare centre.