Pet-Friendly Alarm Systems: 3 Most Asked Questions Answered

Many people think that pets and home security systems are impossible to have in one house, as it’s a common concern that our furry friends might accidentally trigger a false alarm. There’s no shortage of pet owners asking, “Will a cat set off a house alarm? Can my dog trip the security sensors by running and jumping around?”

Technology has come a long way and solved this problem by developing pet-friendly sensors for your home security system. If you aren’t familiar with this technology yet and have questions about it, we’ve got the answers to the three most common inquiries about pets and alarm systems, the first one being: how do pet-friendly alarm sensors work?

pets at home

1. How do pet-friendly alarms work?

The only difference between pet-friendly alarm systems and standard ones is their motion sensors. The former has pet-friendly passive infrared motion sensors (PIRs) that are built to disregard any motion changes of body heat up to a specific weight, typically 35 kilograms— the average weight for most house pets. They will only activate if they detect high infrared radiation levels. Pets, especially smaller ones, generally do not emit enough infrared radiation to make any thermal differences in the environment as much as humans do.

Additionally, the pet-friendly PIR technology was also developed by analysing motion patterns of both humans and animals. The data from this analysis is then converted to algorithms that can distinguish human and animal movements based on size and weight.

2. Do they work with large breeds?

Some alarms with pet-immune sensors may have selectable sensitivities. You can set your security system to ignore any movement made by pets that weigh less than 35 kilograms if you’re housing small animals, or about 60 kilograms for a large pet like a full-grown Rottweiler.

3. Should I get one?

Pet-friendly alarm systems are a fantastic investment for pet owners looking to make their property safe and comfortable for both themselves and their furry pals. They are definitely worth it to minimise the likelihood of false triggers by your pet while maintaining your home’s security.


Pet-friendly Alarm Systems: More Security Considerations

Opt to have your security system installed by professionals. This has plenty of benefits, both for your immediate safety and convenience, as well as for legal matters. But what do proper security system installations have to do with having pets at home?

False alarms.

If your alarm is poorly installed, even if it has pet-friendly sensors, minor disturbances like curtains and pets can easily set it off. Moreover, most pet-friendly alarms aren’t fool-proof. If your pet tends to jump around a lot, it may trigger the alarm. Positioning is crucial in setting up alarms to avoid potential interference from your pets, which your security specialist will be happy to assist you with. They would know where to best set up your security system in your home.

If you have pets at home, talk to Australia’s highest-rated security specialist to install a pet-friendly alarm system for you. Contact us today and get a free security quote by one of Calamity’s licensed professionals.