Intruder Alarm Systems for Banks – Features to Look For

Typically holding large volumes of cash, banks are undeniably one of the most attractive targets for burglars and armed criminals.

While most banks are equipped with time-delay safes and vaults with armoured walls and complex locking systems to protect valuable cash assets, a comprehensive bank security system includes much more than cash protection mechanisms.

If you’re looking to upgrade your security in your retail banking outlet, here are the most important features to look for in an intruder alarm system.

What to look for in intruder alarm systems for banks

Intrusion detection alarms

bank security officer

Able to guard every point of entry to the building, an intrusion detection system acts as your first line of defence, ensuring you are immediately alerted whenever an unauthorised person enters the premises.

Not only do they act as a strong deterrent, but the rapid incident response time allows you to immediately activate your security procedures, greatly increasing the likelihood of catching perpetrators in the act.

Motion sensors

If an intruder does manage to gain access to the premises through a point other than the regular building entry points, motion detection sensors will quickly be able to detect movement on the premises and trigger a response sequence.

CCTV surveillance cameras

While intrusion detection alarms and motion sensors will alert you to any unauthorised entries, CCTV will capture valuable information and evidence to help identify a perpetrator and record their actions while on the premises.

CCTV surveillance cameras also provide your security company with a live feed to see exactly what’s happening on the premises, enabling them to initiate the most appropriate response procedure.

Access control systems

Whether pin code, swipe card or biometrically controlled, an access control system will ensure only authorised persons can access various areas of the premises, also providing a reliable record of everyone that had access to a particular area at a specific date and time.

24/7 active alarm and video monitoring

24/7 active monitoring will ensure you’re not only alerted to any potential security breaches, but that the most appropriate response process is initiated immediately—such as dispatching police or private security.

Depending on your security provider, you may also have the option to request regular virtual patrols of the premises via your CCTV camera system to ensure everything is in order and avoid nasty morning after surprises.

Qualified security provider

Finally, it’s important to choose a security provider that is ASIAL A-Grade certified and police-certified to monitor banks. While any security provider can claim to be able to install a reliable bank security system, without these credentials you’re assuming an enormous risk.

Protect your most valuable assets

At Calamity, we’re experts at designing, installing and maintaining security and intruder alarm systems for banks. ASIAL A-Grade certified and police-certified to monitor banks and financial institutions, we can design a security solution to provide complete protection against burglary and intrusion.

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