How to Secure Your Home – Three Effective Ways

Most of us feel safe and secure in our homes, but with one of the highest rates of home burglaries in the world, no Australian household is immune to the possibility of a break-in.

While most of us take basic steps to make our home a less appealing target such as installing motion detection floodlights or putting up a ‘beware of guard dog’ sign, these offer very little in terms of physical security. In fact, research has shown that while lighting can make us feel safe (perhaps a primal response dating back to our caveman days) it has little impact on crime levels.

If you want to know how to protect your house from break-ins, here’s what we believe are the three most effective things you can do to secure your home.

How to Secure Your Home in Three Steps

1.   Strengthen security at all entry points

Did you know that nearly 80% of burglars enter homes through one of three entry points? While the front door is by far the most common home break-in entry point (34%), first floor windows (23%) and the back door (22%) are also very common points of entry.

If you want to stop burglars in their tracks, at a minimum, you should strengthen security at each of these entry points by:

  • Installing deadlocks on front and back doors and ensuring they are used.
  • fixing strong locks on all windows and ensuring window integrity
  • installing security cameras, and
  • installing monitored intruder alarms
  • using motion detection technology to alert you to any movement in the area.

While securing all doors and ground-level windows will make it significantly harder for intruders to gain access to your home, you should also consider any other possible entry points a burglar could use (such as an upstairs window, basement or garage) and look for ways to make them more secure.

Home security system concept

2.   Invest in good quality cameras

Security cameras are one of the most effective ways to deter burglars—in fact, it’s been shown that homes with security cameras are 300% safer than homes without security cameras. However, not all security cameras are the same.

If home security is the goal, make sure you avoid cheap, off-the-shelf cameras that provide little to no protection. Instead, look for a good quality security camera system that will capture all the important footage needed to identify the perpetrator/s and potentially lead to a conviction.

Some valuable features to look for in a security camera include:

  • High-definition picture quality
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • An uninterrupted power supply
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and response support from a professional security company
  • Remote control and access from your phone
  • Ample storage space for recordings


Before installing your security cameras, it may help to read this blog post which provides some useful tips and information about security camera placement to ensure your cameras can capture the most important visuals.

3.   Install a monitored alarm system

A monitored alarm system is another excellent way to secure your home. Not only does it capture the attention of neighbours and passers-by, but a monitored alarm system will also ensure that immediate and appropriate action is taken if your home was ever targeted.

Most burglaries happen very quickly (usually only lasting between 8-10 minutes), so the quicker the response, the better your chances will be of catching the perpetrator/s in the act or having them leave as quickly as possible.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring, it’s also beneficial to choose an alarm system that includes:

  • Attention-grabbing sirens and lights
  • Window and door sensors
  • Outdoor/perimeter detection sensors
  • Pet-friendly false alarm reduction technology
  • IP-based operation (alarms which rely on a phone line can be easily deactivated by disconnecting the line)


When installing your alarm system, it’s important to make sure the control equipment is located within the alarmed area to protect it from tampering before it can summon help.

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure with Calamity

Home security isn’t something you want to get wrong. If you think you could benefit from some personalised expert advice, the security professionals at Calamity are here to show you how to secure your home.

We’ll recommend the most effective security system to suit your home, have it professionally installed and ensure it’s regularly tested and maintained. Backed by our first-class monitoring facility which is staffed round-the-clock by a team of highly-trained operators, you’ll have complete confidence that your home is always protected.

Find out more about our home security solutions or contact us to arrange a personal home security assessment.