How Many Types of Security Systems Are There?

From monitored and unmonitored home security systems, through to more comprehensive business surveillance systems and personal safety alarms, there are a range of security systems on the market.

To help you understand which system is right for you, here’s an overview of the various types of security systems and the features and functionality they typically include.

Why You Need a Security System

Day-to-day threats are real. Intruders, burglars and vandals are always on the lookout for security vulnerabilities, and often target properties without security systems which could catch them in the act or help to identify them after the fact.

A security system not only acts as a valuable deterrent for those with ill-intentions, but also ensures you’ll be protected if the unexpected does happen.

Monitored Vs Unmonitored Security Systems

A key point of difference between the various security systems you can choose from is whether they are monitored or unmonitored.

Monitored security systems are backed by a professional security company which provides round-the-clock monitoring and incident response. From conducting virtual patrols of the premises to requesting emergency assistance in response to an incident, a monitored system allows you to relax while having full confidence that everything is safe and secure. 

Unmonitored systems don’t offer that capability—while an unmonitored system is a great way to enable you to check-in on your home or business when you’re not there, you won’t have the support of a professional security agency.

Best Home Alarm Systems

A home security alarm system can provide valuable peace of mind that your family and belongings are always protected. Using a combination of door, window and motion sensors, home alarms trigger a high-decibel siren and immediately notify your security company of a potential intruder.

While this basic set-up may be sufficient for some households, the best home alarm systems:

  • are combined with a camera security system to provide visual monitoring
  • enable you to access your camera’s remotely from any location
  • provide real-time motion and other notifications, and
  • have the backing of an AS2201.2 Grade A ASIAL certified security company to ensure any emergency response calls can’t be ignored.

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The Best Security Systems for Businesses

Businesses often have more complex security requirements than private households.

In addition to the functionality a home security system would offer, the best security systems for businesses incorporate a more comprehensive camera network, as well as:

  • Proactive monitoring – IP monitoring and virtual patrols conducted by a security company to actively identify any potential threats and detect other issues that could impact your business and ability to trade, such as flooding, smoke and electrical outages.
  • Remote control capability – Arm and disarm your alarm system remotely without having to be physically present on-site.
  • Movement reporting – Regular email reporting which allows you to monitor the movement of employees or cleaners within the business premises.

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Personal Safety Security

Personal safety can be a concern for the elderly, those living alone, individuals with certain medical conditions or employees who need to travel off-site during the course of their work.

Personal safety security alarms provide a practical way for people to request emergency assistance by simply pressing a button, which immediately notifies a security control centre.

Modern personal safety security alarms even provide automatic fall detection, which ensures emergency assistance can still be requested even when the wearer is unconscious.

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