How High Should I Mount My Security Camera?

You’ve purchased a security camera system, and you’re ready to install it. To get the most from your camera system, you need to ask: How high should I mount my security camera?

There’s no hard and fast answer, determining your security camera’s optimal installation height is a balancing act that requires multiple considerations.

Cameras mounted too low can attract vandals and allow criminals to wipe evidence before or after their crime. If mounted too high, your camera may not capture the necessary details – facial features or a vehicle’s registration number, for example – required to find and prosecute a perpetrator.

High-mounted vs. low-mounted security cameras

Higher security cameras offer greater viewing angles but can often come at the cost of footage clarity. What’s more, if you require night-vision, take note of your camera’s IR illuminating distance. If you mount your camera so high that the distance between the lens and surroundings exceeds the illuminating distance, it will not be able to record usable footage or capture images at night.

On the other hand, lower security cameras offer greater detail but a restricted viewing angle. In some cases, security cameras mounted just above eye level fail to capture crimes in their entirety. Finally, cameras installed within reach are more noticeable and therefore vulnerable to theft and damage.

Ideally, your security camera system should include some cameras mounted higher and some lower. Higher cameras capture the whole scene, lower cameras record the details, and you get the best of both worlds.

security camera and LED Street lantern mounte

Determining your security camera’s optimal height

If height variations are not possible, here are some guidelines:

  • For businesses, cameras mounted at the height of 2.5 m offer a good view of the environment, capture the detail necessary to identify people and vehicles, and are out-of-reach.
  • For homeowners, cameras mounted at the height of 5 m provide an excellent view of the areas surrounding your home and do not detract from your property’s curb appeal.


How high should I mount my security camera? Ask the professionals

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