What’s the primary purpose of your home security system?

For starters, it should be keeping you safe, right?

Makes sense. So why do so many home security systems fail to achieve even that essential function?

Because security in Australia is lazy. Filled with unlicensed and untrained installers, Perth homeowners often don’t realise their security system is a dud until its too late.

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"But You're In The Security Industry! How Are You Any Different?"

Calamity is A Graded by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) and Five Diamond Certified by the CSAA. No other security provider even comes close.

All our staff are trained and licensed. Our monitoring centre has been, and is routinely, independently assessed and graded. And our three key services can be completely integrated to give you the best home security system Australia has to offer.

By combining installation, monitoring and maintenance you replace a false sense of security with longterm security.

A Quick Review Of What We Do. Reliable Home Security Systems in Perth

Home Security System Installation: Our installers are licensed professionals independently assessed and reviewed. Because every Calamity home security system is installed by an expert technician, you get a camera and alarm system tailor designed for your home – less false alarms, stronger security.

Home Security System Maintenance: Routine testing and regular on site maintenance: that’s how we safeguard your home security. It’s also how we protect your security investment. Whether it’s a camera with a dirty lens or a damaged cable, your security is only as strong as its weakest link. Through routine upkeep we make sure your security is always at its strongest – while helping to protect you insurance claims, too!

Home Security Alarm Monitoring: “A vision of monitoring” – that’s how the experts over at Security Electronics and Networks Magazine described our alarm monitoring centre. So what does that mean for you? Ultimately, less false alarms and faster emergency action. Our Calamity-trained monitoring operators assess all security signals and respond appropriately. So you don’t end up paying for unnecessary call out fees. And you’re never relying on your neighbours to call the police when your alarm goes off.

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