Your home security system doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. It doesn’t have to cost you buckets of cash. And it definitely doesn’t have to be stuck in the dark ages.

You can get cost-effective, state-of-the-art home security systems. No hassle necessary.

How? Calamity’s A Graded Home Security.

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How Do We Beat The Odds?

An Australian security system survey found:

Why should you be paying for poorly installed, poorly managed and poorly supervised security systems?

Security remains an unregulated industry. Dominated by untrained and unlicensed installers you often don’t know the quality of your security system before it’s too late.

Calamity is Australia’s most advanced security firm – integrating installation, maintenance and monitoring using the latest in IP, mobile and wireless technology.

Our Three-step Service.

At Calamity, home security is broken down to three key services: installation, maintenance and monitoring. It’s the integration of these three key areas that makes us Australia’s highest-graded security firm – and Calamity customers the safest in the country.

Home Security System Installation: Our installers are licensed professionals independently assessed and reviewed. Because every Calamity home security system is installed by an expert technician, you get a camera and alarm system tailor designed for your home – less false alarms, stronger security.

Home Security System Maintenance: Routine testing and regular on site maintenance: that’s how we safeguard your home security. It’s also how we protect your security investment. Whether it’s a camera with a dirty lens or a damaged cable, your security is only as strong as its weakest link. Through routine upkeep we make sure your security is always at its strongest – while helping to protect you insurance claims, too!

Home Security Alarm Monitoring: “A vision of monitoring” – that’s how the experts over at Security Electronics and Networks Magazine described our alarm monitoring centre. So what does that mean for you? Ultimately, less false alarms and faster emergency action. Our Calamity-trained monitoring operators assess all security signals and respond appropriately. So you don’t end up paying for unnecessary call out fees. And you’re never relying on your neighbours to call the police when your alarm goes off.

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Better Technology. Better Home Security Systems in Adelaide.

Imagine an industry having the technology to improve their services but not using it! It doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately, that’s how many security operators work; connecting your alarm using traditional PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) lines.

The payoff? A vulnerable alarm system that costs you more!

Phone lines are easily cut; it doesn’t take a master spy just a guy with a pair of scissors and enough vision to spot your NID (Network Interface Device) aka the white box bracketed to your home’s external wall. Once severed it’s game over – no security, no alarm, no help.

Less dire, but no less unbelievable, is the fact that phone line alarms still require phone calls to be logged every time you arm or disarm your alarm. That can be 10-20 calls a day at up to 40 cents each!

That’s why we recommend IP Monitoring. No call charges. No line rental. And no phone line needed.

Instead, we connect your alarm system to our A Graded monitoring centre via your internet connection and several mobile networks. Data is logged for FREE and your home is constantly connected – even if phone lines are sabotaged or failed.

You can upgrade to IP Monitoring for FREE.