Fall Detection Devices for Independent Living

Your worries will never go away for an elderly or frail family member who is living on their own. Emergencies and fall accidents can happen, and without anyone looking out for them, it may take hours or days before help arrives— and it may be too late. 


Modern personal alarms are a great thing to have for such times, but what’s even better are those that are designed with automatic fall detection. 


The Importance of Fall Detection in Independence

According to a review, in developed countries, independent living is a strong preference among seniors, especially in recent decades. While it can get lonely, being on your own can feel empowering as well, and this feeling holds as well for independent frail individuals and people with disabilities. But there are also downsides to living alone, such as one’s safety and health. Accidents can happen at any time, and among the elderly, falls are a common occurrence.


The first moments after falling are crucial— left unattended, the victim may develop health complications from their injuries, on top of the emotional distress of the situation. Fortunately, modern technology has evolved to include a fall detector feature in many alarm systems, which has given wearers and their loved ones peace of mind. 


Fall detection’s function is to automatically sense the position, movement and impact of its wearer to notify the designated emergency contact. It may not seem much, but in the face of an accident that may render the wearer immobile, dizzy, or unconscious, this automatic feature may be the one to save their life. 


Are Fall Detectors Just for the Elderly?

Fall detector alarms aren’t just for the older and vulnerable population; even young adults who live, work, or travel alone can benefit from them. After all, independent living, whether you are in full health or have become frail with age or illness, comes with possible emergencies where help can’t reach you right away. People with high-risk jobs may also find it useful to keep an alarm system on their person in case of an on-site accident. 


The Best Fall Detector Devices Are Monitored

A good fall detector alarm is lightweight, waterproof, accessible, and simple to use. But the best kind of fall detector is one that’s also equipped with a 24/7 monitoring centre service with licensed and trained operators who can dispatch the right emergency response. Is it costlier than non-monitored alarms? Yes. But upgrading your system to include an advanced monitoring service is a worthy investment that can save lives. 


Cheaper, fall detectors with no monitoring fees may not only have delayed emergency responses, but can also cost more in the end. The longer it takes for help to arrive, the longer it takes to recover— which means extended hospital stays and costlier treatments. 


The best fall detector that ticks off all of these features is Calamity’s Silent Sentinel alarm system, equipped with a 24/7 advanced monitoring system to help the wearer live independently with confidence. Our monitoring centre, the Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence (CASTLE), is the highest-rated security monitoring provider in Australia. Learn more about Silent Sentinel and get a free quote today.