Secure your network online and offline with a data centre security system

The greatest threat to data is virtual attackers identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure. Data centres must not only protect themselves against cyber threats, but also take on the responsibility of physically securing their infrastructure and premises.

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Addressing data centre security challenges

Data centres are confronted with both physical and virtual challenges when it comes to security. Compliance regulations, fire damage, intruders and hackers are some obstacles our rigorous data centre security system can help you overcome.

Rather than struggling to deal with the aftermath of a security breach, unauthorised access or cyberattack, we take on a more proactive approach to security management by preventing issues from occurring in the first place. Our security systems protect your network and server rooms from malicious virtual attacks, theft, and unauthorised access from both cybercriminals and real-life intruders.

Protect your data and other virtual information

The larger the network, the greater the risk of getting targeted by outside threats. Cyberattacks are ever-evolving, but so is modern security. Best protect virtual assets and sensitive information with a flexible software-based security system that fulfils present requirements and foresees future threats. We can implement a stricter network segmentation setup, security information and event management tools, threat detection and risk management to protect your data centre from software vulnerabilities and malware.

At Calamity, we offer world-class cybersecurity systems that rigorously protect your data and virtual assets from hackers and malicious cyberattacks 24/7.

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Reinforce physical security for your data centre

Data centres are typically built in strategic, remote locations, decreasing the chances of physical threats. However, you still can’t be complacent about the security of your premises as the possibility of an attacker walking into the facility is real, as well as the chances of fire outbreaks and emergencies.

The physical protection capabilities we can recommend to improve your data centre or server room security include:

  • Access control systems, such as biometric fingerprint scanners, RFID swipe cards, or pin code entry systems to restrict unauthorised access
  • Automated visitor access systems to automate visitor screening and check-in processes
  • Perimeter and intrusion alarms
  • 24/7 video surveillance monitoring
  • Physical and virtual patrols
  • Fire and thermal detection systems, which include initiation of lock-down procedures
  • Weapons detection sensors
  • Power supply monitoring to identify disruptions to power supply for critical IT systems and other equipment
  • Data centre security checklists, procedures and record-keeping to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Business continuity planning to minimise the impact of an emergency or service disruption

As Australia’s most advanced security provider, we take pride in our award-winning security facility, which has been internationally recognised as one of the best, police-certified, and holds an ASIAL A-Grade Certification.

Proactive data centre security system that safeguards information and assets

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Every component of a data centre security system, from its network to its physical infrastructure, must be taken into account. This is where our skilled security professionals at Calamity come in. As we adopt a more active stance in cyber and physical security, our systems can deter and eliminate threats before they pose a significant risk to your network.

Let’s design a robust and tailored security solution that keeps your data centre safe and secure — online or offline. Contact us today to get started.