Press Release: Calamity Provides Security Services to Santa Claus

window covered in Christmas wreath garland while it is snowing outside

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Press Release

Calamity Monitoring ( has been awarded 10 year contract to provide security services to Santa’s Workshop.

North Pole, 24 Dec 2019 – CEO of Calamity, Daniel Lewkovitz said “We are very proud to be associated with one of the biggest and most well known manufacturing and distribution projects on Earth, which brings joy to over 500 million Christian children each year”.

The project involved protection of a 380,000 square metre distribution centre as well as stables, numerous workshops and manufacturing plants. It was achieved using over 15,000 security cameras, internal and perimeter monitoring, electronic access control and temperature monitoring. Sleigh tracking is provided by Airservices Australia.

Lewkovitz said: “One of the biggest challenges we had was the local environment. Not only does the North Pole frequently get below -40° C there is not a lot of natural sunlight and some of the local light sources, such as Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose are not always available. The 4G service is pretty shabby too so we tend to rely on satellite for comms.”

During installation, supplies were transported both by magical sleigh as well as more conventional sled (Editor’s note: Not to be confused with the NSW Police Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate – SLED).

Lewkovitz added: “In addition to obvious threats, terrorism, fire, grinches and so forth we also had to protect all the equipment from elves who were constantly screwing with it. Initially we thought simply mounting equipment at height would address this however after a few eggnogs it was not uncommon to see a flying reindeer with a ‘festive’ elf at the reins bobbing and weaving through the airspace so we’ve had to adapt to ensure workplace health and safety is protected and monitored”.

CEO of Santa Industries, Kris Kringle said: “We’re really happy with the work Calamity have done. Sure we are protected by magic, ho ho ho, but it’s reassuring to know that Calamity are keeping an eye on us as well. ”Calamity is committed to false alarm reduction and motion sensors were all specified to be reindeer-immune. Santa’s workshop and premises are monitored 24/7 by Calamity’s multi-award winning, ASIAL Graded security and life-safety monitoring centre. This includes remote video monitoring via our VDO™ Platform.

Calamity is also assisting both with WHS and Santa’s personal safety by providing it’s Silent Sentinel™ fall detection system. Lewkovitz said “This is a popular product with seniors and Santa is not as young as he used to be. It’s really important to keep him active. Although admittedly we get a tonne of false alarms when he’s down the chimney on Christmas Eve”.

According to Lewkovitz: “As well as looking after the workshop we will be looking after thousands of Australians this Christmas and making sure that the only person that comes into their home during the night is Santa.”


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