Efficient Cafe Security Systems, Monitoring and Sensors for Your Protection

Cafes are popular spots for casual catch-ups between friends and professional meetings with clients or business partners. They offer a pleasant, convivial atmosphere that allows their patrons to be more lax. Unfortunately, it’s precisely this relaxed environment and the constant stream of people coming and going that make the risk for theft dangerously high.

Don’t let your cafe be an easy target. Whether you’re a well-known chain or a small business, our cafe security solutions at Calamity can protect your assets, staff and patrons at any scale.

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First-rate protection for your people, stocks and assets

Whether for study, work or leisure, it’s not uncommon for people to bring their laptops to their favourite cafe or coffee shop — and leave it when they have to get coffee or use the restroom.

Unfortunately, theft of laptops and other personal property has become commonplace in cafes and bars that operate with no surveillance in place. Not only that, but without security cameras and real-time monitoring, your business is also vulnerable to break-ins, intruders and theft from your own employees, couriers and suppliers.

We can monitor and protect your cafe against these risks in real-time with our professionally designed cafe security systems that can be tailored to include features like:

  • commercial-grade CCTV surveillance cameras
  • staff panic/duress alarm buttons
  • an alarmed entry access system
  • IP-based remote access and control from your mobile device or tablet
  • 24/7 commercial monitoring and incident response support

At Calamity, we provide fit-for-purpose solutions to cover your vulnerabilities and pain points and reinforce security where needed. We offer the best video surveillance system for small businesses and large-scale companies.

Experience better accessibility and control
in running your cafe

Gain further control over your cafe business by using our other technology in conjunction with your security system. We can help you further safeguard your business and comply with food safety standards with additional features, such as:

  • adaptive access control systems, which allow the secure delivery of stock outside of business hours;
  • temperature sensors to alert you to cold storage failures, and;
  • smoke and heat detection to protect against fire accidents in the kitchen.


We can also design your cafe or coffee shop security system with other customised business monitoring solutions to cover all your bases and recommend more solutions as necessary to reduce risk.

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Superior Protection With 24/7 Active Monitoring

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Nothing can provide the same level of protection as 24/7 active monitoring from a team of highly trained security professionals.

When you choose Calamity, your car park cctv cameras and security system will be backed by round-the-clock monitoring from our ASIAL-certified purpose-built security facility located right here in Australia.

Instead of merely recording the movement of people and vehicles, active monitoring provides an additional layer of protection. If an incident was ever to occur on-premises, you can rest assured that our trained operators will be taking immediate action in line with your designated instructions.

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