Alarm Monitoring and the NBN

Don’t worry about the NBN affecting your alarm system or home and business security.

Calamity’s security, monitoring and life-safety systems are all fully compatible with the NBN.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is being rolled-out Australia-wide with a view to providing fast broadband services to homes and business sites. The NBN has been marketed to Australians on the basis of faster Internet and IP (Internet Protocol) speeds. However once NBN is deployed to an area and copper PSTN phonelines are disconnected this will have an impact on alarm services as well as other legacy telephone devices.

A key element of the NBN rollout is the decommissioning of the older copper network. This includes phonelines traditionally connected to the analogue Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Copper disconnection means legacy equipment, including alarm, faxes and medical (PERS) monitoring systems may not function reliably or at all.

Calamity is a market leader in IP monitoring and non-phoneline monitoring.

Calamity were promoting “IP Monitoring” and actively discouraging phoneline monitoring nearly a decade ago. Ten years later and our competitors are still installing phoneline systems. These costly and insecure systems are proven to be unreliable, even before taking into account NBN affecting them.

We have technology available immediately which can provide for full security and life-safety monitoring that is totally unaffected by the NBN or copper disconnection. Our systems offer considerable cost and feature benefits as well.

Using modern IP Security technology, your security systems, including alarms and cameras can be monitored by our ASIAL Grade A Monitoring Centre with no reliance on the phoneline. Not only can this significantly increase your security (as the phoneline cannot be cut) it can also save you money as we do not require you to pay for a phoneline service at all.

If you want a modern, switched-on security provider from this decade switch to Calamity today!

Medical Monitoring

Calamity’s ‘Silent Sentinel‘™ fall-detection and personal safety alarms can also be effectively monitored by us irrespective of an NBN rollout.

Lift and Elevator Phones
Phones in lifts may stop working after NBN-related copper disconnection. Calamity have a simple cost-effective solution to this problem. See our lift phone monitoring page for details.

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