5 Reasons to Upgrade Security Systems

For years, the concept of security has become increasingly complicated. Switch your TV to a news channel, and the need for better security becomes alarmingly clear.

However, news channels often report major criminal and terrorist incidents, leading to relatively minor crimes relegated to the proverbial back page. A vehicle-ramming attack in Melbourne will dominate the news, for example, while the daily burglaries — nearly 2000 in Melbourne and 2500 in Sydney — go wholly unreported.

Such news (or lack thereof) has desensitised people to adopt the potentially dangerous thought that crime could never happen to them. This kind of thinking is why homeowners and some small businesses neglect their own security systems — and are in for a shock when a threat finally happens to them.

Complacency can be dangerous. If you haven’t installed the latest security system for your business or private home, you’re putting yourself, loved ones, assets and property at risk. Upgrade security systems and reap the benefits of better technology and safer premises.

Why You Should Upgrade Security systems

Here are five reasons why you should upgrade your existing security system.

1. To deter criminal activity

Your old security cameras and alarms may still be working, but if you haven’t upgraded them in the last decade, you’re making yourself a target. Criminals love outdated technology because that means they have likely already seen and figured out how to get around it. From simply cutting phone lines to cracking old systems using newer technologies, there are dozens of ways criminals can compromise your outdated security.

2. To reduce operating costs

For businesses, upgrading security cameras and alarm systems means lower costs and saving money in the long run. Most modern security techs are cloud-based, meaning lower maintenance fees since your security provider can handle everything remotely. Having a reliable security and access control system also reduces staff shifts — having security guards 24/7 can get expensive!

3. For better control and convenience

Modern security technology is better connected and flexible. You can essentially monitor your property and access your security whenever and wherever these days. For example, Calamity’s 24/7 IP monitoring alarm system allows you to open your gate, garage or front door from anywhere using a smartphone app — ideal for receiving deliveries and online purchases when you’re not home.

4. To get clear imagery and footage

What’s the point in installing a CCTV system to record potential crimes if they can’t produce clear footage? High-resolution imagery means the police can more likely identify and successfully prosecute an offender.

5. For insurance

Police, insurance and Australian standards (AS4806) have a recommended security image quality. It’s best to upgrade your security now — you’ll struggle to have your insurance claim approved because your current security system doesn’t meet compliance standards.

These standards don’t just apply to a system’s image and video quality but also to its monitoring. Any security provider can claim to offer monitoring features, but not all monitoring is of an acceptable standard. Most insurers and police services only recognise ASIAL-certified monitoring centres like Calamity.

About Calamity

At Calamity, we can design and install new security systems and provide alarm monitoring and verification for your convenience. We can also connect most existing commercial and home security systems to our alarm monitoring facility to provide better service quality.

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