Home Security Systems

Imagine a home security system capable of doing more for you and your family than you'd ever thought possible.

Well, it’s finally here.

For too long now Australians have been sold down the river when it comes to security. Paying too much for out-of-date technology and low-grade performance has simply become the status quo. But who said it had to be this way?

If you’re looking for something better, then Calamity offers home security designed to remarkably improve the way you live. It’s not about installing a home security camera or two and then forgetting about it. It’s about the bigger picture: blending security, performance checks & monitoring to offer you complete peace of mind.

The highest-rated security system in the country.

Suddenly it seems technology has fallen into step with the way we want to live.

We’re not switching on an alarm and waiting until it goes off.

Now you get an IP-operated home security system, combining CCTV, security cameras and alarm monitoring, giving you an amazing range of new and exciting possibilities.

So what exactly are the possibilities?

Here’s just some of what we do for clients:You can now remotely monitor your home from anywhere using IP and mobile technology. This includes scanning for smoke, controlling swimming pool gates, checking in on your pets and keeping an eye on the kids when you’re not around.

You can check on and change the temperature of your home, so storerooms, coolers or wine cellars can be monitored when you’re away; or you can simply ensure your family is returning to both safety and comfort at the end of each day.

You can also open and lock gates and doors using your mobile phone, so you can control access to your property for carers, cleaners and deliveries when you’re not at home. Your security system can be a convenience system too!

And when it comes to safety, well, Calamity offers an inside-out solution. Home security cameras and alarms are installed both internally and externally. This means you’re not only protected from burglars and vandals, but can also feel confident in the level of service care providers, nannies and maintenance staff are providing for you and your family.

Dedicated to superior security. Delivering the best Australia has to offer.

It’s about a commitment to better home security systems. A revolutionary approach within the Australian market, Calamity’s award winning monitoring centre is the only one of its kind in the country. Its 5-Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association, is something only the top 130 providers worldwide have attained. Not a single Australian provider other than Calamity has achieved 5 Diamond status.

We’re also certified AS2201.2 Grade A by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) – and that’s an important list for your security provider to be on, because police can refuse to accept calls from non-certified monitoring centres and insurers can deny claims if a non-standards compliant system is in use. So be wary of dodgy, unlicensed electricians or tradesmen upselling you with ineffective, budget security systems and alarm monitoring outsourced to third-parties.

Reducing false alarms.

Calamity is obsessive about false alarm reduction. Calamity’s customers have fewer false alarms when we install modern systems which work properly. We offer our clients the routine assessment and maintenance of technology equipment; we provide alarm systems that cannot be corrupted by a single point of failure; and we’re often able to assess the difference between an alarm requiring a ‘standard response,’ such as a patrol, and those requiring more serious action, like police or the urgent despatch of emergency services.

This means whether you’re out or at home you and your neighbours are not going to be pestered by unnecessary and over-sensitive alarms. Instead, you can be confident your security system is fully functional, regularly tested and that there is a team of trained professionals taking action by assessing through our alarm and video-monitoring facilities the appropriate response.

Thinking about installing home security cameras in your home? Call us for a FREE SECURITY ASSESSMENT from one of our licensed professionals.