Home Security System Installation

When installation is poor, so is your security. It's simply unavoidable.

And unfortunately far too many Australians have unwittingly fallen trap to the dodgy, unlicensed installation of alarms and cameras. This means numerous false alarms, ineffectual monitoring or no follow-up maintenance. So the home security system you paid for? Well, it ends up just being an expensive sticker on your front door.

Using unlicensed and ungraded security service providers simply loses you money. Not only are you forfeiting the initial purchase and installation costs, but you’ll also find yourself struggling to get approval on your insurance claim in the event that something does happen because you used a security system that didn’t meet the compliance standards of your provider.

So what are unlicensed and untrained security installers getting wrong?

In order to meet the Australian Standard AS2201.1 intruder alarm control equipment should be located within the alarmed area, located outside the entry/exit point and operate in dual end-of-line supervision. Unfortunately, the Australian security industry is highly unregulated and filled with poorly trained or unlicensed professionals.

An Australian security system survey found:

The poor and unprofessional installation of security systems can also result in burdensome and costly false alarms caused by everyday disturbances like curtains, winds and pets.

Lacking vision: Don't waste time and money with poorly installed CCTV

Groundbreaking facial identification capabilities have moved home security CCTV into a whole new world. The problem? Not all CCTV systems are created equal.

While many Australian homeowners are keen to install CCTV cameras around their property, they’re simply not aware of how poorly their equipment is performing. Your average intrusion detection camera may operate at less than 10% (you’re going to need at least 50% for facial recognition quality), so while you’ll definitely know someone jumped over your back fence, you won’t be able to identify them. If you and the police are unable to identify an intruder, what exactly was the point of having your CCTV system installed anyway?

Calamity can provide you with CCTV cameras functioning at up to 120%, police recommended, facial identification technology. Remarkably clear imagery means police are more likely to identify and successfully prosecute an offender.

Your CCTV security system can be setup for both on-site and remote viewing: through your computer or smartphone app. You can also opt in for Calamity’s 24/7 monitoring service, where disturbances will be monitored by our fully trained security monitoring operators. Because our CCTV cameras are so powerful and our operators trained to assess any alarm situation, you can rest assured any incident is immediately appraised and action taken – whether it’s a patrol car sent or the alerting of emergency services.

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