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Imagine you’ve paid good money to have your CCTV cameras installed and have opted to have your security system monitored. You think your home or business is safe. But then the day comes when something happens. Maybe it’s an intruder on your property. Perhaps it’s a break-in at your store. All you know is that you trusted your CCTV security systems would be your first line of defence. Now, imagine discovering your security monitoring firm simply weren’t providing you with the service you expected. Calls to emergency services were made too late. The CCTV footage is grainy and unuseful. And you’re left with property damage, stolen goods and little evidence to get your perpetrator.

CCTV Monitoring is a growing requirement for the security marketplace. However not all CCTV monitoring systems are the same. Best practices for CCTV monitoring are not common and Calamity is considered a market leader in the CCTV monitoring space.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a scenario Australian home and business owners simply have to imagine. Due to unregulated alarm monitoring services and poorly installed CCTV monitoring and underlying security systems, this is an everyday reality.

Massive delays in response times, poorly captured video, low-quality image resolution and a total inability to identify a perpetrator are all too commonplace. Ultimately, your safety is put in jeopardy. You’ll have no forensic evidence to bring to your defence. And you’ll risk having your insurance claims dismissed. All this because your CCTV monitoring provider didn’t meet the compliance standards of your contract.

Did you know a large number of security monitoring providers sell “CCTV Monitoring” that is little more than a web browser sitting on a laptop? It’s time to look at a professional system and know what you’re getting.

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Why hand over your security to outsourced monitoring companies? They could be anywhere in the world, managing the monitoring of multiple installer’s clients. And because alarms have often been poorly installed, video data incorrectly stored and monitoring screens carelessly watched your security is rendered effectively useless.

Calamity’s painstaking CCTV monitoring service has come about after years of dedication. Our monitoring facility includes an impressive, 7 dual-screen workstations, huge monitors, remote video feeds, weather radar and live local news. This means our operators can diligently assess and act upon any alarm event with speed and precision. Because we can do this, neither you or your neighbours have to deal with bothersome false alarms and you’ll be spared unnecessary call-out fees.

Cheap at first, but what's the hidden costs?

Your CCTV security is ideally connected to an alarm system programmed to send arm and disarm signals allowing you to prove to an insurer or the police that your alarm and CCTV system were properly armed. It can also notify both you and your monitoring firm if someone has forgotten to arm or disarm your alarm.

Business owners can conveniently use this feature to also keep an eye on staff and cleaner comings and goings by way of a monthly report or through CCTV vision; either in real time or later on.

But not every security system is created equal. Many security firms only connect their alarm system monitoring via your phone line. So, while the monitoring service seems inexpensive, because you’re logging 10 or 20 phone calls each week the overall costs quickly start to add up.

Worst of all, your phone line can simply be cut rendering your entire security system useless.

Better and cheaper monitoring with Calamity's IP setup.

Rather than costly and easily cut phone lines, Calamity suggests IP Monitoring systems. These allow your alarm and camera systems to communicate with the monitoring centre via your internet connection and mobile network.

Because you’ve got IP monitoring your home or business’ security is never interrupted – even if phone lines are attacked or fail. No call charges needed.

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