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Because we’ve been awarded the highest possible grading from the Australian Security Industry Association, and are the only Australian company to be given a Five-Diamond certification from the US-based CSAA, our customers are always confident with the quality of their CCTV installation and monitoring.

Why DIY CCTV installation is an expensive failure.

Revolutionary advances in facial identification technology have moved CCTV security systems into a whole new era of possibilities. The problem? Cheap DIY CCTV kits still grossly overpopulate homes and businesses. These low-grade cameras, unprofessionally installed and seldom monitored, simply can’t provide you with effective security. Ineffective security means no protection, no guarantee of insurance claim and no return on your security investment.

Police-quality, facial recognition technology. Professionally designed. Professionally installed. Professionally monitored.

The problem with DIY CCTV security cameras, or those installed by untrained tradesmen, is that they will all show a colour picture but when it comes to relying on them after an incident, they simply won’t get you results. Firstly, many experienced intruders know how to discern between a quality CCTV system and a poor one. Their decision to attempt to break-in to your home or business will often come down to how likely their chances are of being detected and getting caught. Because many Australian’s rush for the cheapest and fastest security install they end up with basic equipment.

These cameras operate at less than 10% usable image area when you typically need at least 50% or greater image percentage for useful facial recognition. This means that while your CCTV system will tell you that someone has entered your property (which you likely already knew), it won’t give you a useful quality of facial image that can be used for identification or investigation and prosecution..

So, you end up making yourself a more likely target because criminals know the CCTV evidence against them will be poor or non-existent. You’ll usually know if you’ve been robbed or held-up. However if you and the police are unable to identify an intruder, what exactly was the point of having your CCTV system installed in the first place?

Calamity can provide you with CCTV cameras which function to police, insurance and Australian standards (AS4806) recommended image quality. This includes facial identification technology. Remarkably clear imagery means police are more likely to identify and successfully prosecute an offender and you can see what happened rather than try and guess.

Innovative installation for better evidence, a better lifestyle and a better workplace.

Calamity’s CCTV security solutions can deliver police-resolution imagery for both you to personally view and for our trained operators at Calamity’s A graded security monitoring facility to keep an eye on. Check in on home or work, online from anywhere in the world.amity’s A graded security monitoring facility to keep an eye on. Check in on home or work, online from anywhere in the world.

Change the way you live and work with Calamity CCTV security solutions.

Because our CCTV installers are fully licensed and expertly trained they never simply throw a camera or two here and there like so many other installers. Instead, we can create customised security layouts in 2D and 3D, protecting high-risk security points and creating continuity of footage, giving your security greater depth and capabilities. This way, intruders can be traced as they move about a property so police or patrol services know exactly where they are and can take immediate action. Particularly in conjunction with Calamity’s advanced video monitoring capabilities. But the really exciting aspect of a Calamity CCTV security system is what it can do for you even when there is no emergency.

Since we’re providing you with high-quality images and sophisticated tracking designs, your CCTV system allows you the ability to adopt remote viewing. This means you can check in your security system through your computer or smartphone app, making sure family members are safe, children are arriving home from school, pets are secure and health care providers or employees are monitored. For businesses, the specially-designed CCTV systems can provide you with new and impressive data to grow your business. Retail stores can develop heat mapping; staff can be located easily even in large bureau buildings; vets can keep an eye on animals overnight; hospitals can monitor patients; temperatures can be controlled in rooms and refrigerators; stock can be checked in on… the list goes on and on.

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