Commercial CCTV Security Systems for Businesses

The most advanced video monitoring platform Australia's ever seen.

Calamity’s monitored CCTV security systems are an incredibly effective tool for protecting you, your family or your staff. Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems do everything you’d expect them to; but we do it better than any Australian commercial security company has done before. Our advanced video monitoring platform is exceptional in that it can monitor a huge number of brands of existing camera installations. So cameras you’ve already invested in don’t have to be replaced just to allow off-site monitoring. Go with any other Australian company? You’ll probably have to replace your equipment or go without the additional security of remote video monitoring. Calamity lets your security system grow and change as your needs do. So not only are you protected from burglaries, break-ins and vandals, you’re also able to change the way you live and work from day-to-day.

Security, safety and support. Always.

The main thing you want your CCTV security system to do is to protect. Protect you, your family, your home, your business, your staff or your customers. However business and homeowners alike are falling victim to countless unlicensed and untrained security system installers. CCTV and DVRs (digital video recorders) are probably the biggest victims of this problem. You can buy these anywhere and they’re spruiked as an upsell product by electricians, tradesmen, and even home entertainment installers. Low-quality images, poorly installed cameras and zilch maintenance all conspire to render your CCTV system virtually useless.

If you’re investing in security you want it to secure, right? How can you make sure you’re not getting a dud deal? Calamity’s CCTV security solutions work better for you in more ways than one. Firstly, we’re one of the few Australian security providers who can monitor your already-installed CCTV cameras through our unique video monitoring platform. This means you don’t have to fork out more money on equipment and installation because your old fashioned monitoring provider simply doesn’t have the compatibility. Secondly, if you turn to Calamity for installation of your CCTV equipment our licensed and trained professionals can ensure your cameras are designed and installed to best deter, detect and record intruders. Add to this the fact that Calamity can provide you with forensic-grade CCTV security systems. And this means that your CCTV system becomes a powerful investigative tool.

Complete compliance to the 'Australian Police CCTV Systems Recommendations.'

When we design, install and manage your CCTV security system, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting law enforcement-grade surveillance and monitoring. Why do we deliver such a high level of performance and equipment? It’s because when you excel in the Australian police recommendations for compliance, you’re delivering the best in personal and financial protection anyone could want. By meeting and exceeding these recommendations a Calamity CCTV security solution will:

Criminals know this. A Calamity sign on your front door tells them to go elsewhere.

And because your CCTV system is highly effective, rigorously monitored and all data properly stored, business owners don’t have to worry about a drawn out police presence following an incident which could result in revenue losses, affect business or necessitate the removal and reinstallation of your security system.

Police-resolution imagery. Inside-out protection. 24/7 monitoring.

Calamity’s CCTV security solutions can deliver police-resolution imagery for both you to personally view and for our trained operators at Calamity’s A graded security monitoring facility to keep an eye on. Check in on home or work, online from anywhere in the world.

Change the way you live and work with Calamity CCTV security solutions.

Calamity has always been about expanding the traditional realm of security to new and exciting territories. Security isn’t just about setting up surveillance around the walls of your building and then leaving it there to do the bare minimum. Instead security can do amazing things.

Have a family at home? You can now keep an eye on the kids when you’re at work, make sure they’re getting home safe from school and control the thermostat and locks from anywhere in the world.

Or perhaps you’re a business owner, begrudging the idea of paying for a new security system? What if we told you that our surveillance solutions and monitoring data could help you strategise and grow your business? Our security systems can continually develop to give you new insight into the running of your business so you’ll really see return on your investment.

Retail stores can develop heat mapping; staff can be located easily even in large buildings; vets can keep an eye on animals overnight; hospitals can monitor patients; temperatures can be controlled in rooms and refrigerators; stock can be checked in on… the list goes on and on. Security can be a business enabler and even make you money, while our competitors are simply a cost-centre for minimal improvement.

Good security gets you faster insurance claims.

Using unlicensed and ungraded security service providers simply loses you money. Not only are you forfeiting the initial purchase and installation costs, but you’ll also find yourself struggling to get approval on your insurance claim in the event that something does happen because you used a security system that didn’t meet the compliance standards of your provider. Don’t find out the hard way.

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