24/7 Home Security Monitoring

You've got the cameras and the alarms, but who's watching them?

A home security system without alarm monitoring can only go so far. As security experts, we find alarm monitoring to be the essential piece of your personal and property safety puzzle. And, because we have Australia’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility, we’re able to deliver home security in a way no other Australian provider can. Find out how alarm monitoring ensures our operators jump into action when a disturbance is detected in your home.

Five-Diamond Certified, Grade A Monitoring.

Calamity offers you our Five-Diamond certified, Grade A monitoring centre. Nicknamed, The CASTLE, the Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence, is in a league of its own when it comes to Australian security providers. The CASTLE is completely operated from our Australian location and staffed with 100% Calamity-trained employees. That means every Calamity customer is guaranteed 24/7 monitoring by professional, local operators handling only Calamity homes and businesses. Your safety is never outsourced to a third-party monitoring centre handling the client list of multiple security suppliers.

So besides a safer and better home security system, what does all this really mean for you? It’s simple: faster response times, less false alarms and no costly call-out fees.

Back-to-base alarm monitoring for the modern home.

The way we live is changing. This means the way we protect our home and family is changing, too. Calamity’s home alarm monitoring can be adapted to better suit your needs, making life just that little bit easier.

Arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. Provide safe access to cleaners, tradesmen or carers from any location. Make sure your kids are home safe from school. Calamity’s alarm monitoring is about keeping your home safe from the outside in.

IP Monitoring. The expert's choice for better business security.

Isn’t it great when something is not only better, it’s more cost-effective too? That’s exactly how we feel about IP alarm monitoring.

Your home alarm system is designed to send arm and disarm signals. This means you can show either the police or your insurer that your alarm system has been properly armed.

While most security providers will connect this monitoring system through your phone lines, we prefer to go with IP monitoring. Let us tell you why:

With IP monitoring your home’s security system is connected to our A graded monitoring centre via your internet connection and several mobile networks. This keeps your home constantly connected, even if phone lines are sabotaged or failed. No call charges or rental line needed.

Interested in upgrading to IP monitoring?