How Does a Care Alert Pendant Work?

If you’ve ever worried about not being able to request emergency medical or other assistance when you need it, a personal care alert pendant can provide valuable peace of mind that you’ll never be left on your own when you most need help.

Whether you live alone, suffer from a chronic medical condition, are elderly and struggle with mobility issues or have recently been discharged from hospital and require some extra support, incidents and accidents can happen unexpectedly at a moment’s notice and calling for help may not always be possible.

For individuals in these types of situations, a care alert pendant can provide valuable confidence and peace of mind that someone will always be looking out for you if the worst does happen, even if you’re not able to request emergency support yourself.


How a personal care alert pendant works

an elder needs emergency assistance

Care alert pendants are designed to ensure the wearer can always request emergency care assistance quickly and easily in any situation, and at any time.

One of the most valuable features of safety care alert pendants is how easily the wearer can request help. Depending on the individual pendant, emergency assistance will generally be requested whenever:

  • the wearer pushes the button on the pendant, or
  • the pendant automatically detects a fall or other erratic or unusual movement.

The pendant is usually worn comfortably on a chain around the neck (much like a necklace) to ensure it is always within easy reach, even if the wearer is immobile or unable to get to a phone.

If the pendant is equipped with fall detection technology, the pendant will also ensure that someone will be always alerted in an emergency, even if the wearer is unconscious or unable to push the button themselves.


What happens when the pendant is activated?

While the process can vary depending on the individual pendant and security company you choose, this is what happens whenever one of our safety care pendants are activated:

  1. An emergency signal is immediately sent to our state of the art 24/7 monitoring centre.
  2. One of our trained operators will attempt to contact the wearer by speaking to them through the speakerphone on the pendant to check if they’re okay.
  3. If we don’t receive a response, we immediately request ambulance assistance (or contact another responder you’ve nominated). Alternatively, if the wearer does answer and requires assistance, we’ll immediately request emergency assistance while reassuring them that help is on the way.

As we already have the wearers’ details in our system, we’ll also ensure all relevant information is provided to emergency services or the nominated responders as specified.

At Calamity, we recommend our customers use Silent Sentinel® safety care alert pendants which utilise reliable, cutting edge technology to ensure help will always be readily available whenever it’s needed.

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