Tips for Moving Out of Home

August 25, 2017

Moving out of the family home and into your own digs can feel like a major challenge but it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of prior planning you can fly out of the nest with ease and land on your feet.

Save, save, save!

The first step on any big financial journey is organising those savings. Whether you’re focusing on buying your own place or can only afford the rental market it’s important to lay out a savings timeframe and stick to it, says Kathryn De Luca from Mortgage Options. Set yourself a target and break it up into monthly milestones to keep yourself on track.

Safety First

You’ve saved up and are ready to go. No matter if you’re moving out by yourself, with a few friends or found a room in a sharehouse another important thing is whether your new place is secure. Daniel Lewkovitz from Calamity Monitoring suggests making sure there is an effective alarm before you start piling your life into the new premises. He also recommends using a security service you can trust and one whose monitoring centre has been graded by ASIAL.

Dibs as much as you can

Remember when you were younger and it was all about laying claim to the coveted front seat of the car or that last sweet biscuit on the tray? It’s time to reinstate the law of dibs. Kylie Travers moved out of home at just 17 years old and never looked back. She planned, saved and stuck to a budget before moving out which set her up well for any bumps in the road. But she also wasn’t shy about accepting “offers of furniture and other help”. Anything your family and friends have lying around that they no longer want or need has your name on it. Pots, pans, coffee tables, printers - just to name a few.

Budget for the things you’ll forget

Depending how generous your parents are feeling there’s sure to be one or two things that don’t make it for free into the new place. Make sure to leave a little space in your budget for all those things you didn’t realise you couldn’t live without. Back when your parents were making the decisions you didn’t have to worry about installing your TV at the perfect viewing height or where to sit for dinner. Now it’s only appropriate you act like a real adult and get your TV a nice new unit to perch on and invest in a matching set of six plush dinner chairs. It may not happen in your first month out but eventually you’ll have enough money to really set yourself up.

Getting out of home is an exciting and scary time. No-one said it was going to be easy but by using this guide you’ll be better prepared than most for the big move.

Originally appeared in MyDeal.

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