Thinking Like The Enemy

October 31, 2014

When Calamity are engaged to critically review or assess security, we frequently take on the role of an attacker/adversary/thief/criminal to help our client identify issues before a genuine attacker/adversary/thief/criminal does.

Security expert Bruce Schneier, who has also learned to 'think like the enemy' made a cute observation in this article on Wired:

Uncle Milton Industries has been selling ant farms to children since 1956. Some years ago, I remember opening one up with a friend. There were no actual ants included in the box. Instead, there was a card that you filled in with your address, and the company would mail you some ants. My friend expressed surprise that you could get ants sent to you in the mail.

I replied: "What's really interesting is that these people will send a tube of live ants to anyone you tell them to."

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