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April 6, 2017

Daniel Lewkovitz Interview By Johanna Morley

I recently spoke with Daniel Lewkovitz founder of Calamity Monitoring a security monitoring service about the biggest security risks to Australian homes and what we can do to minimise them.

What are the biggest risks Australian's need to be aware of around their homes?

There are numerous threats to homes, from fire to burglary to accident and focusing on any one threat to the exclusion of others is leaving yourself open to attack. Nearly all incidents, accidental or criminal affect assets and people. Anything which may hurt your belongings (assets) or family (people) therefore needs to be addressed.

How can we make our homes and families safer?

Most tools for securing homes seem obvious after they are explained however it is surprising how many people think about d├ęcor and furnishings but do not consider more mundane matters such as a first aid kit or an alarm system.

A true security professional who might focus on one area, such as locks or electronic security may also be able to identify other hazards and draw these to your attention so they may be fixed.

Are there any security products we can use to improve home safety?

Australians generally do not keep guns in the home and criminals know this. As such, breaking in during the night - 'home invasions' are typically low risk to them. At best, you will sleep right through them. At worst if you confront them you are no significant threat. Beyond the initial loss of your belongings, the feeling of having your private space violated can affect your peace of mind (and sleep) for many years.

A well designed alarm system is a simple step to make your home appear a 'hard target' which is likely to make criminals choose elsewhere. It is important that alarm systems are monitored by a certified 'graded' monitoring centre as otherwise they are little more than noise-makers.

What are the trends developing in the security space?

1) With the surge in low-cost electronics a lot of companies are now offering to install home security systems. In many cases the person, such as an electrician or IT provider are not actually licenced to do so. Whilst they may know how to pull a cable through a wall, even if the system works, when it comes time to file an insurance claim you may find it rejected on the basis that the system was not installed according to Australian Standards.

Many smaller security businesses claim to provide monitoring but do not in fact do this in-house. Rather, they outsource it on a wholesale basis and charge you an inflated margin for a third-party to provide monitoring. The end-result is usually a cheaper, lesser product. You will usually only find out it doesn't work, the one time you needed it to.Whilst there are tens of thousands of security companies, very few actually own a monitoring centre.

The Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL - publish a list of 'graded' monitoring centres who have been independently audited and approved by police and insurers. Consumers should actively avoid any company who is not listed.

2) Calamity ( uses 'IP monitoring' to allow alarm systems to be monitored without phonelines. This can save you money on line rental (you no longer require a fixed phone service)

Even better, as well as providing protection, these modern security systems can feature lifestyle benefits for example allowing you to open the gate, garage or front door from anywhere using a smartphone 'app'. This is great for when you receive a delivery at home but are away.

Calamity owns Australia's most modern and highest rated security monitoring centre and is the first to effectively combine IT and physical security. Calamity offers end-to-end security services for homes, businesses and individuals.

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Originally published by Aussie Mum Network

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