Driver Safety Mobile App Technology
July 4, 2017
Workers within the transport industry have been flagged by Safe Work Australia to be at High Risk of injury and violence as they carry out their day to day activity. Fearless™ by Calamity Monitoring is a mobile app which provides…
Fearless Personal Security App Useful for Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)
March 6, 2017
Worker safety a priority during Safe Work month Professions that require employees to travel offsite regularly or irregular hours can face added occupational safety risks that can be difficult for management to prepare for. Every October, Safe Work Australia Month…
What is Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Compliance
November 10, 2016
Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is a term used to describe the steps taken to protect employees, customers / clients, contractors, visitors or any other people associated with a business premises, workplace or service. Formerly known as Occupational Health and…
The 24/7 monitored device protecting Australians this Dementia Awareness Month
September 8, 2016
There are currently over 353,800 Australians living with dementia. Without a major medical breakthrough, that number is expected to reach 900,000 by 2050 as Australia's population continues to age. Dementia is the greatest cause of disability in Australians aged 65…
Child Care Security
March 22, 2016
When parents leave their children in your care, they expect a level of security above and beyond that of any other commercial enterprise. In fact, with children being the most precious and important (yet vulnerable) 'investment' to society, the systems…
Automatic Fall Detection for Better Safety at Home
October 30, 2015
Calamity is proud to be featured in The Australian Jewish News health section this month. Their article "With the touch of a button," is a clear and concise explanation of our Silent Sentinel, Personal Emergency Response Systems, and how it…
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