Keeping your home & family secure
April 6, 2017
Daniel Lewkovitz Interview By Johanna Morley I recently spoke with Daniel Lewkovitz founder of Calamity Monitoring a security monitoring service about the biggest security risks to Australian homes and what we can do to minimise them. What are the biggest…
Child Care Security
March 22, 2016
When parents leave their children in your care, they expect a level of security above and beyond that of any other commercial enterprise. In fact, with children being the most precious and important (yet vulnerable) 'investment' to society, the systems…
Perth Burglars Know Your Alarm System is Fake
July 16, 2015
Criminals Say Having No Alarm System Makes Your Home More Attractive A recent survey of burglars in Perth's main gaol has revealed criminals specifically target vulnerable homes. The men, currently held in the Perth Watch House, told researchers from the…
Home Security: Installation and Alarm Monitoring
June 12, 2015
Job One of Home Security Is to Secure. So Why Do so Many Home Security Alarms Fail to Do So? How many times have you heard the siren of a home security alarm and ignored it? An all-too-commonplace scenario, Australian…
7 Fast Facts About Household Robbery
January 14, 2015
See our new infographic showing some fast facts on home robbery in Australia
The Curse of Old Security Systems
October 31, 2014
Colin and Beverly Thorne* saw no reason to upgrade their home security system - they had installed it almost fifteen years ago and they'd never been robbed once. With the occasional system battery change, as far as they knew their…
How to Build an A1 Security Monitoring Centre
October 31, 2014
The implementation of a security monitoring centre is one of the most challenging projects a security company can embark upon. Once launched, there is little chance for turning things off, changing things around or turning back without the risk of…
Modern Security and Australia
October 31, 2014
Poor ethics and a lack of innovation are depriving Australians of modern security technology. The security industry needs to work harder. If the electronic security industry were selling cars, then alarm installers in the year 2012 would be flogging Nissan…
All your Eggs in One Giant Humungous Basket
October 31, 2014
RAM (Random Access Memory) is the short-term very fast memory your computer uses, not to be confused with a hard-disk, which generally are larger, but much slower. If you buy the cheapest available computer from Dell, today, it will ship…
Selling Security
October 31, 2014
The Global Financial Crisis has cause many companies to tighten their belts, and find ways of reducing expenses and limiting capital outlay. In many cases, security expenditure is in the crosshairs, though often for completely the wrong reason. When security…
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